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All Ritter treatment units of the Contact series are available in the different versions S, H, C, HC in order to optimally support each user in his working method.

Contact World Versionen Arztelement
Contact World Versionen Arztelement Cart

HC Version

Hanging hoses with Cart head

The tray of this HC version with hanging tubes has a more conventional design than that of the H version, with the tray table located directly above the instruments. The cart head can accommodate up to 6 instruments in any order, controlled by the foot pedal when in use.

C Version

Stand alone

The flexibility of the mobile Stand alone is undisputed: it can be moved freely around the entire treatment unit and guarantees optimum freedom of movement, especially in confined spaces.

The Stand alone version can be perfectly combined with a large (unit-mounted) tray table

Contact World Versionen Arztelement
Contact World Versionen Arztelement

S Version

Swinging hoses system

The S-version with oscillating pull down system is particularly popular abroad. Each instrument can be easily and ergonomically removed and returned without effort.

The proven swing bar system minimizes soiling, as the tubes have no contact with the ground and glide cleanly into the rest positions.

H Version

Hanging hoses

In the H version, the dentist element on the floating arm is equipped with hanging hoses and a large tray table. The element can be moved very close to the patient and guarantees optimum handling of the max. 5 instruments with the smallest working circle.

Contact World Versionen Assistenzelement



Designed for the perfect

“The main claim of every dental unit must be the safe and comfortable treatment: for both parties – for the patient and for the treating physician!”

Contact World Versionen Assistenzelement

Double articulated arm system

The double articulated arm on the assistant’s side allows flexible positioning in any patient position and treatment situation.

All main functions of the treatment unit can be controlled with the touch panel integrated flush with the surface of the articulated arm.

The ergonomic design of the suction handpieces enables fatigue-free treatment. The well thought-out and clean suspension effectively prevents twisting of the tubes.

3-jointed arm version

Even more space-saving and flexible in positioning. Freely swiveling 3 joints provide room for manoeuvre during treatment. The slim assistance element controls the patient chair, operating light, suction, spray mist suction, mouth rinsing bowl and cup filling.

ergonomics competence
design award winner
Made in Germany
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