Arbeitsfeldleuchten Operation lights

Ritter MoonLite LED ***

  • 2 strong LEDs and two parabolic reflectors
  • illuminance from 3 000 – 50 000 lx,
  • Color temperature: from 5 000 K
  • CRI >95, for better color perception
  • Absorbed Power: max. 26 VA
  • Power supply: 17-24 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Lighting spot (from the distance of 700 mm): 175×100 mm
  • Cooling System: static heat sink (no fan required)
  • uniform distribution of light in the field of work, without appearance of shade or dark zones by the operator
  • setting of the brightness alternatively with mechanical switch or sensor
  • hygienic due to back-hand switch and removable, autoclavable handles
  • available for mounting at ceiling or unit
Arbeitsfeldleuchten Operation lights

Optimized field of work

Our dental lights achieve a special light quality through the use of LEDs with the best colour rendering and glare control methods.

  • High-performance LEDs
  • highest efficiency and colour rendering
  • maximum service life and light quality
  • minimum power consumption

Close contact and intensive cooperation with the world’s leading LED technology manufacturers guarantee an early and coordinated supply of the best and most modern LEDs as well as the corresponding electronic components.

The optimised MoonLite impresses with a large light field and uniform, shadow-free illumination of the work area.


The high light intensity of up to 50.000 lux at a colour temperature of 5.000 Kelvin produces natural light without colour distortion.

The two handles can be removed, sterilised and autoclaved.


Optional protective cover
with patient mirror.



Arbeitsfeldleuchten Operation lights

POLARIS LED with Sensor

  • LED luminaire with glare-free luminosity
  • Illuminance: up to 8.000 to 35.000 lux
  • Precise adaption to working field
  • Illuminance: from 8 000 up to 35 000 lx (at distance of 700mm)
  • Color temperature: from 4 200 K up to 6 000 K
  • CRI: >85
  • Less power consuming,
  • LED lifetime is about 50 000 hours
  • Absorbed Power: max. 20 VA
  • Power supply: 17-24 V AC
  • Cooling System: static heat sink (no fan required)
  • Lighting spot (from the distance of 700 mm): 140×70 mm
Arbeitsfeldleuchten Operation lights

Handles are removable / sterilisable. Luminaire can be rotated by 180°. High freedom of movement. Quiet operation with 0 db.

Arbeitsfeldleuchten Operation lights


Since visual communication between dentist and patient is often required, POLARIS is available with an extendable mirror. This allows the patient to follow the procedure.

An optionally available polymerization protection reduces the light intensity and prevents over-polymerization.

CoreWhite is a bleeching system that can be easily attached to the POLARIS handle holder via Plug & Play. Free adjustment of the light intensity. Special filters remove infrared rays from the light pattern. Ask us for more information.



Best illumination where it is needed

  • 3.000 – 35.000 lx

  • Shadow-reducing effect

  • Removeable, sterilizable handles

  • Realistic color match

  • Colour temperature 5.000 K

Made in Germany
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