iOptimaINT is the all-in-one solution that offers the full range of treatment options and is seamlessly integrated into the Ritter Blue Line. You no longer need any additional equipment: iOptimaINT can be used for restorative procedures and endo treatments. iOptimaINT is easily controlled via an Apple® iPad mini tablet. The iOptimaINT therefore requires little space and guarantees a perfectly functional working environment. The iOptimaINT is extremely versatile and allows you to perform most of your dental procedures.


iOptimaINT offers numerous preset protocols for the most commonly used endodontic file manufacturers.

Select brand and file type to get instant access to the preset parameters (torque, speed, rotation mode, etc.).


Thanks to the numerous preset protocols, numerous restorative procedures can be performed with the iOptimaINT system: Caries treatment, dentin reduction, hemisections and crown preparation, etc.


Simplify your root canal treatments with WaveOne Gold® and RECIPROC® modes. Thanks to the reciprocal movements, the file glides smoothly along the root canal and reduces the risk of instrument fracture.

MX2 – The little wonder

Bien-Air carbonless micromotor MX2 with adjustable LED light is a small high-flyer. The result is an exemplary balance and comfort: constant power, perfect control of speed, torque and reversal. Thanks to the Smart Logic electronic control, the MX2 is exceptionally stable and powerful, even at low speeds (100 rpm). Thanks to the permanently lubricated ball bearings, the MX2 is sterilizable and maintenance-free, making it the ideal companion for endodontics. For even better hygiene and application. With its shortened nose cone, the MX2 is compatible with all conventional type E instruments (ISO 3964) as well as with the short Micro-Series instruments.


The iOptimaINT control and its MCX micromotor guarantee perfect control of the tool by controlling the speed and reversing the direction of rotation. Thanks to the Easy Nav philosophy, OptimaINT is incredibly intuitive and adapts perfectly to the Ritter Blue Line.

The OptimaINT interface has 10 pre-programmed sequences for restorative procedures and 10 sequences for endodontic procedures, with MX2 micromotor. You can perform your root canal procedures in complete safety. The OptimaINT has been designed to minimize the risk of NiTi instruments breaking, thanks to the auto-reverse function.

Please feel free to inform yourself in the Flyer about this groundbreaking improvement, which makes our Blue Line even more interesting. 


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