SLM-E Typ 810 Ritter LED


The Ritter SLM-E Type 810 LED with a length of 31.7 mm and a weight of only 62 g is the smallest and lightest dental motor in the world.
Its clear weight advantage enables relaxed and fatigue-free work. The finger muscles remain relaxed and efficient. Thanks to the integrated LED technology, the illumination, which is similar to daylight, is clearer and has a higher contrast compared to conventional high-pressure lamps.

Fatigue-free work

• light weight
• well-balanced
• quiet, vibration-free operation
• clear and high-contrast LED illumination

Full flexibility

• complete dental speed range from 100 to 40,000 rpm
• INTRAmatic coupling according to ISO 3964 short for handpieces of all manufacturers
• Torque up to 3.0 Ncm

High durability

• brushless and wear-free DC technology
• robust design
• low heat generation
• long-life LED illumination

Hygiene and safety

• sterilizable up to 135 °C
• back suction stop for hygienic spray water
• no heating due to light source
• more precise work due to optimal illumination

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