You want to treat in an ergonomically healthy posture?
Ritter Concept has the right tool for you.

ergonomics competence
Ergonomie Kompetenz

Pole Position.

From an ergonomic point of view, the parallelogram chair has the most advantages for both practitioner and patient.
The extremely low position of 350 mm of the chair parallelogram allows a natural body posture when treating seated patients. This is also ideal for small dentists. The maximum position of 850 mm also allows the treatment of lying patients in a standing position.
The double-sided retraction of the backrest offers leg and knee room and supports a gentle working posture due to the close position to the patient.

Be relaxed.

The headrest remains in the preset position during parallelogram height and tilt adjustment. The patient head posture does not need to be readjusted. The patient can remain in a relaxed position.

The practitioner can change his body posture more frequently and prevents critical permanent strain on the spine, which causes muscle tension and fatigue.

Ergonomie Kompetenz
Ergonomie Kompetenz

Treat in top position

The footrest of the Ritter patient chair lifts synchronously with the backrest angle. The raised position supports the patient’s circulatory system.

The anatomically shaped seat with adjustable inclination and the unique pelvic tilting mechanism enable dynamic sitting and lying that is healthy for the back.

The hip point for each patient size is precisely measured. The patient does not have to slip when changing to the lying position.


The Contact World spittoon is optionally available in a swivelling version.
The bowl is removable and made of porcelain, making it easy to remove and disinfect critical and quickly contaminated components.

Ergonomie Kompetenz
Ergonomie Kompetenz

Totally simple

Our headrests are completely easy to use. With a single handle, the extension and inclination can be adjusted simultaneously and uniquely.

With one hand it is easy to readjust without having to put the instruments out of the way.

For individual needs, Ritter offers a choice of different headrest shapes.

Treat wheelchair accessible

The quality of treatment outside the patient chair is in no way inferior. People with restricted mobility who want to remain seated in the wheelchair can “take a seat” at the back of the upright patient couch. The double articulated headrest can be flexibly positioned.

Ergonomie Kompetenz
Ergonomie Kompetenz

Highest comfort of movement

The mobility of the smooth-running and gas pressure spring supported floating arm and dentist element are activated with the help of a sensor. When the handle is released, the brake is automatically activated and prevents unintentional movement of the dentist element.

First Class lying comfort

Thanks to modern upholstery technology and an easy-care surface, the Ritter dental upholstery “ViscoSoft®” with pressure-relieving body adjustment ensures maximum ergonomic lying comfort for your patient.

The upper material is made of breathable comfort fabric with a silk matt, seamless surface as standard. Also practical, easy to clean and maintain. The warm feel and velvety appearance convey cleanliness and freshness – without the feeling of “sticking”. The comfortable chair helps patients to relax and feel comfortable – and thus facilitates treatment.

Ergonomie Kompetenz


Contact World has the right dimensions in all versions, whether H, S or cart versions – even for smaller practice rooms. With an action radius of approx. 2 x 3 m, the slim unit adapts perfectly to any working environment. The working field lights can be ordered as ceiling or unit mounting.

Note: A total of 2 connection points
(1 Standard / 1 Alternative) offer additional flexibility to fit the unit into any treatment room!

Highly functional - all around

The Ritter dentist chair is a high-quality workplace in which the work and reach paths fit 100%.

It offers maximum freedom for a natural, intuitive posture – an investment in your health.

Made in Germany
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