The unbeatable classic in the
X-ray film development

The GIRARDELLI X-3D immersion x-ray processor with integrated daylight attachment fulfils all present requirements of a modern and efficient developing automat:

Integrated daylight attachment

Processing under daylight conditions. A darkroom is not necessary.


When pressing the start button, the transport shaft and the dryer-blower are now operative. A the end of the development process, the appliance will be switched off by pressing the start button again.

Electronical bath heating

The electronically regulated bath heating guarantees a steady temperature at all times. This way an optimal picture quality and life span of the GIRARDELLI developing concentrate (up to 12 weeks per batch) is achieved.

Automatic film drying

Very powerful dryer-blower for fast and efficient film drying.



The GIRARDELLI X-1 table darkroom meets all today’s requirements of an efficient hand-developed device.

Technical data

46 x 32 x 30 cm (W x D x H)
Contents of the cups:
4 x 0.225 litres
approx. 2.3 kg
Standard equipment:
detachable red light lens, 3 film holders for single films, 4 x 0.225 litre plastic cups with screw lid closure

  • Each part used is extremely stable and chemically resistant
  • Minimal service costs over many years
  • Ideal cup size
  • Allows the development of intraoral film sizes
  • Even occlusal films can be developed
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Only short cleaning of the cups necessary when changing the used GIRARDELLI powder development concentrate.
  • Simplest operation
  • The film holders can be loaded and the films can be developed via the manual interventions.
  • Slanted top allows for excellent visibility



The purpose of the GIRARDELLI DA-1 disinfection automat is the hygienic and surgical hand disinfection in the entire medical- and food-industry.

Efficient and sparing.

Dental X-ray Machine

LEADEX 70- Unit mounted

Small X-ray unit - mounted
directly at the treatment unit

Easy to integrate:

  • Can be mounted on the unit, on the wall and on the ceiling
  • for all needs of intraoral dental radiology
  • flexible, fast and safe solution to generate an excellent small X-ray image directly at the treatment unit
  • compatible with standard films and digital X-ray sensors
  • sharp and high-contrast images

Practical, perfect and

Microprocessor controlled, pre-programmed or individually programmable exposure times, a push of a button is all it takes to switch from conventional (on X-ray film technology) to digital image acquisition using sensor technology. Buttons pre-programmed for special images.
The device is compatible with practically all digital image processing systems.

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