Dentist element control

  • Flexible instrument table
  • Manual & automatic chair movements
  • 4 chair movements can be stored
  • 5 to 6 Instruments
  • Easy adjustment of instrument functions
  • Cup & bowl activation
  • Simplest handling – efficient, error-free work

Assistant control

Schnelligkeit und Flexibilität für maximale Effizienz: Die Assistenzelement Steuerung.

Speed and flexibility
for maximum efficiency:
The assistance element control.

    • 2-handed work without moving away from the patient
    • Fast instrument change without repositioning the operator
    • Most important functions on a small control panel
    • Maximum 4 places: 2 suction cannulas, syringe, polymerization lamp
    • Operation of mouth glass bowls, sinks and chairs
    • Basic equipment: large suction hose, small suction hose, 3-function syringe
    • Pull-out variable assistant arm element

Multi function foot control

Comfortable and time-saving:

  • Most ergonomic foot control on the market
  • Foot remains relaxed on the ground thanks to photocell
  • Infinitely variable speed regulation of the instruments
  • Easy triggering of all chair and instrument functions
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