R400 Arzttisch Versionen



Two doctor's elements
versions for election

Depending on personal preference, two different variants are available, which allow easy adjustment of the instrument actions, partly with visual indication of the performance potential.

This is what Ritter R400 stands for:
Simplest handling – efficient, error-free work.

S Version

Swinging hoses

  • Storage of instruments without visual contact
  • Optimal treatment in all positions (if necessary without assistant)
  • Very good guidance when removing and putting back the instruments
  • No “pull-back effect” during treatment due to optimum weight shift between the instrument being pulled and the tube system
  • Pleasant working without complaints
  • 5 Instrument holder

H Version

Hanging hoses

  • Convenient removal and return of the instruments
  • Perfect treatment in all positions
  • Continuously perfect ergonomics
  • 6 Instrument holder

With engine technology

  • Brushless micromotors – the new generation
  • Precise, durable, wear-free, sterilizable
  • Wide speed range from 100 – 40,000 rpm – new versatility
  • Optimum weight distribution:
    best balance of instrument &
R400 Motor Versionen

With sensor technology

  • Activation via sensor technology
  • No penetration of dirt & liquid,
  • High-quality, wear-free special plastic
  • No deformation/material fatigue due to disinfection procedures
R400 sensortechnologie Versionen



Speed and flexibility:
The assistant element

  • 2-handed work without moving away from the patient
  • Fast instrument change without repositioning the operator
  • Most important functions on a small control panel
  • Maximum 4 places: 2 suction cannulas, syringe, polymerization lamp
  • Operation of glass, bowl and chair
  • Basic equipment: large suction hose, small suction hose, 3-function syringe
  • Extensible / freely swivelling assistant element
ergonomics competence
Made in Germany
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