Ruby Farben und Dekore, Hygiene



Safety for users and patients:
Hygiene made easy

The Ritter R400 Smart has been designed for quick and effective cleaning.

All critical areas and components are within easy reach and can be thoroughly disinfected. The surfaces are smooth and even to prevent dirt zones and accumulations of germs and bacteria.

Many components can be removed in one easy step.

The spittoon - pure

  • Removable & autoclavable
  • Bowl & water unit chair mounted, thus synchronous up/down movement with the patient couch
  • Comfort & effectiveness down to the smallest detail
Ruby Wassereinheit Hygiene
Ruby R400 Hygiene

Optimum hygiene and maintenance:
The Ritter R400 Smart water unit

  • Chair mounted water unit
  • Complete water unit can be swivelled
  • bottle system or public water connection
  • Ritter pneumatic place selction valve
  • Integrable amalgam separation & separation
  • Simple solutions – optimal efficiency & processes

Sensor instrument

  • Activation via sensor technology
  • No penetration of dirt & liquid, thus no damage to electronics and other parts
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • High-quality, wear-free special plastic
  • No deformation / material fatigue due to disinfectants
ergonomics competence
Made in Germany
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