Safety and security
comes first

The Ritter Contact World was designed for fast and effective cleaning.

All critical areas and components are easily accessible and thoroughly disinfectable. The surfaces are smooth and without corners and edges and parts can often be removed with one hand.

The integrated instrument flushing (optional flushing hood) and the easily accessible internal components allow easy disinfection.


Aqua Bottle

All internal waterways are completely disinfected with the bottle solution.
Internal disinfection system WEK Metasys® available as an option.

Rinsing bowl

Critical components, which experience has shown to be quickly contaminated, can be removed and disinfected.

Instrument flushing support

The rinsing hood allows disinfection in a hygienic and simple way. The hood is placed on the bowl. Internal components are particularly easily accessible.


Completely and easily removable top plate. Easy to disinfect.

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