Reliability meets unique design

The Clinic Air high-quality compressors are characterizied by a patented technology and low maintenance. The low-absorption motors exclude overheating concerns and the 100% duty cycle provides continuous and reliable operation.

Available models, also dry:

Clinic 3.24, dry 3.24
Clinic 3.50, dry 3.50
Clinic 6.90, dry H/HS

Features & Benefits

  • Oil-less and silent
  • Low maintenance
  • Pressure adjustable
  • Safe operating
  • Auto stop and restart
  • Air tank internal surfacy epoxy treatment
  • Min. 20.000 hours activity without maintenance
  • Thermally protected
  • Compact and smart design
  • Compretitive pricing

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The innovative single unit, semi-wet dental suction system with integrated air-water separation

Cost reduction effect:

The optimal integration of the semi-wet suction unit and the air-water separation enables cost savings regarding installation, operation and maintenance.

Powerful and reliable:

EXCOM hybrid 1s convinces with high suction power at the cannula and therefore is an absolutely reliable system for each practice.

Maximum safety while operating:

The dynamic separation of the EXCOM hybrid 1s guarantees maximum functionality. This ensures an absolutely trouble free operation and therefore also a substantial stress reduction for the user and the team.

User-friendly maintenance and easy servicing:

Provided by the compact modular building method of the EXCOM hybrid 1s.


Thanks to the semi-wet suction system, no precious and expensive fresh water is wasted.

Technical data

  • Main voltage 230 V AC
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Max. current consumption 3.3/4.1 A
  • Max. electrical shaft power 0.75/0.9 kW
  • Max. ambient temperature 40°C
  • Air Flow Rate 1.100 l/min
  • Negative pressure regulated 120 mbar
  • Operating time 100%
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Noise level 63 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 530x320x350 mm
Made in Germany
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