Ritter History

More then 130 years of dental experience

ritter-ueberunsIn 1887, Frank Ritter produced one of the world's first treatment chairs for the dental profession. In the years since, Ritter has produced a long line of products that has changed the face of dentistry.

Frank-Ritter1912 Ritter introduced the "control panel" for the dental instruments, a major advancement and the beginning of modern technology in dentistry.

In 1917 Ritter introduced the integrated treatment system; chair with control panel, drill, cuspidor, saliva ejector, tray table and air/water syringes - all instruments in one unit! This system delivered for the first time the modern dental system, the core concept of which has not changed even today.

Ritter remains one of the leading dental equipment providers, always striving for innovation, excellent product quality and a model line that allows every dentist toenjoy the benefits of owning a "Ritter".
Online surveys still list "Made in Germany" as a trusted source for quality, performance and reliability for goods available around the world, especially for electronic and technological products. (source: www.dw-world.com).

Ritter-Stuhl-alt-2 Ritter-Stuhl-alt
The 1917 Ritter system - genesis of
modern dental equipment
The Ritter treatment chair of 1887


biberachRitter remains a German owned and operated company, with all Ritter products Made in Germany at the modern production facility located in Zwönitz (Saxony, East germany) and the aministration located in Biberach (Baden Württemberg, South Germany) A dedicated staff of many employees ensure:

  • Leading Edge Design in consultation with leading universities both in Germany and worldwide.

  • High Level of Function through the use of comprehensive control systems for the complete control of all of the unit's functions.

Quality Construction in both the internal components and overall unit construction to ensure years of reliable service and durability.